The project is starting now: the blog

This project is starting now.
It doesn’t have a name and I almost have no idea yet, but I have spent many hours to come to this and I’ll tell you why.. and how.

At the beginning, I have always known it was possibile to pull out money from the Internet and time told me I had what I needed to do this. After ending my studies I’ve came across many sites trying to sell courses about this: the reason is people really need them to avoid “common errors” in such a business.

The next thing I noticed was that many of the news I found were conflicting and I just merged what I knew was good with my personal thoughts. I think it is like we always do: plan our personal business model! So.. let’s start!

Two of the most important things to remember on the field of interest we are choosing are that we need to avoid competition and that its trend have to be positive in years. In choosing this, many people suggest to write down your passions, your problems and your fears. I think passions are the most important ones because our work could become our passion: do not underestimate this!!

Doing so myself, I figured out some of the things I could write about were not exactly niches: the remaining two were scoubidous (a 10 years passion by now) and strong artificial intelligence.. I simply used Google Adwords Keywords Tool to get to this (it’s really important to keep an eye on it on every step of the project). So I thought: “why just write about crossing strings? Strong AI is the future!” You could do this yourself; it was easier for me as I just had to follow my dreams :)

So I’ve came across my next big project: read and write about strong artificial intelligence. It starts as a blog, but I hope it will be more.

At the end, it seems all clear to me: earning while reading and writing about strong artificial intelligence is also the easiest way to approach my dream: make machines think.

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