The Droid

the droidThe Droid is a desktop application which allows the user to listen to her/his favourite news feed and supports several voices in English (US & UK), German and Italian.

This project is finished and released !

List of available voices:

  • Obadiah, English Male
  • Prudence, English Female
  • Spike, English Male
  • Poppy, English Female
  • Pavoque, German Male
  • Bits3, German Male
  • Obadiah Hsmm, English Male
  • Prudence Hsmm, English Female
  • Spike Hsmm, English Male
  • Poppy Hsmm, English Female
  • Cmu-Slt Hsmm, American English Female
  • Cmu-Rms Hsmm, American English Male
  • Cmu-Bdl Hsmm, American English Male
  • Pavoque Hsmm, German Male
  • Bits3 Hsmm, German Male
  • Bits1 Hsmm, German Female
  • Lucia Hsmm, Italian Female

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