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Welcome to The Droid Manual.

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The Droid doesn’t need any installation: simply download and extract the zip file in your desired folder and run the file thedroid.jar. Feel free to create links to it to ease its launch or have it open when Windows starts up.


Using The Droid is very intuitive and simple. You can access all the functions from the tray menu: on Windows operating systems, it is the place at the bottom right of your desktop where all the active applications’ icons lie. To check if the application is correctly working a log window is available.


You can configure The Droid by means of its configuration file, its RSS Feeds file and the language and voice window. This function is accessible through the menu item “Change Language”, while selecting “Options..” o “RSS Feeds..” the corresponding file will be opened to let you make changes.

The RSS Feeds file is the list of the URLs used by the application as RSS Feeds. To temporarily exclude a row you can put the character “-” at the beginning, e.g.:

The configuration file contains a list of variables whose you can change the value:

  • APP_DEBUG: if set to 1, the application will print debug details in the file log/thedroid.txt.
  • APP_HIDE_GUI: if set to 1, the application will neither show the splash screen nor the text hint window.
  • NEWS_BG_COLOR e NEWS_TEXT_COLOR: HTML colors of background and text of the text hint window.
  • START_ON_OPEN: if set to 1, the application will start reading news when opened.
  • BG_MUSIC_ACTIVE: if set to 1, the application will play the background music.
  • READ_TITLES: if set to 1, the application will read RSS Feeds titles.
  • READ_DESCRIPTIONS: if set to 1, the application will read RSS Feeds descriptions.
  • READ_LONGEST_ONLY: if set to 1, the application will only read the longest text (between tags) of the RSS Feeds descriptions.
  • MAX_NEWS_LEN: this is the maximum text lenght for the news.
  • RSS_LOADING_TIMEOUT_MS: this is the maximum time to wait for the answer from the feeds servers.
  • RSS_EXPIRE_TIMEOUT_MS: when this time is passed and it is requested to read news again, RSS are downloaded again.
  • OM_VOLUME: synthesized voice volume. Range: 0.0 -> 2.0. Suggested range: 0.0 -> 0.9.
  • OM_DUR_SCALE: synthesized voice speed, lower values give a faster voice. Range: 0.1 -> 3.0.
  • OM_F0_SCALE: HMM synthesized voice frequency variation, you can use this to vary expression. Range: 0.0 -> 3.0
  • OM_F0_ADD: HMM synthesized voice mean frequency, you can use it to vary pitch. Range: -300.0 -> 300.0

Still having problems? Look at The Droid Frequently Asked Questions.