Startup Bar Manual

submanualWelcome to Eyes On People Startup Bar Manual.

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Simply download and run the setup application. Follow the procedure and the program will be installed.

If you are experiencing problems starting the application, open it with the “Java Platform”: choose “Open with” from its contextual menu. If the problem persists it is necessary to run the file as the administrator of the operating system.


Using Startup Bar is very intuitive and simple. You can access all the functions by means of the desktop icon, the setup application itself or the Windows Control Panel: you can read the statistics and the agreement, and configure or uninstall the application.


The first step of the procedure is the sound that will be played once the startup will be over. You can only choose a .WAV file or the default sound. If you want another audio file to be played you can put its path in the launch configuration file (see the “third step” of the configuration procedure).

The second step of the procedure is the graphical configuration. You are allowed to position the window and choose whether you want the usage indicators of processors and memory to be shown.

The third step of the procedure is the launch configuration. You are allowed to edit a .TXT file to open one or more files or run one or more Windows commands (rows starting with “//” will be skipped by the application): if a row contains the path of an existing file, it will be opened as it was double-clicked; else, the row will be executed in Windows command prompt.

Simply add the rows you need. Here are some examples:

  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
  • C:\Documents and Settings\MyUser\Desktop\MyPlaylist.m3u
  • “C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe” -jar “C:\MyJava\App.jar”

Save the .TXT file and the actions will be executed at the end of the startup process.


Simply follow the uninstallation procedure. You can save the selected language, the whole configuration and the statistics for a following installation.

Still having problems? Look at the Startup Bar Frequently Asked Questions.