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- The application is run some time after I can see my desktop. What’s happening?
- Startup Bar needs the Java Virtual Machine running. As soon it is available, the operating system will launch it.

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2 thoughts on “Startup Bar Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Gary Apperson

    I installed and used your program for some time (months) and it worked really well, but, i either installed something or something else happened and it quit working. I uninstalled everything, tried to reinstall the jre (the one you suggest on your webpage and the newer one oracle suggested) but every time i try to install your jar file, it asks for language [ok], are you sure? [yes] (i do have other stuff running, but it didn’t seem to matter when i installed it a few months ago), [i accept agreement], then i get a window that says, “Fatal Error!”, the image shows “85%” (if that’s relevant) with “Unexpected error during setup!”… is there any resources i need to check on, or anything i need to look for to find out why this won’t install anymore? please get back with me because i really like this program and because i have so much going up at startup (this is my main workstation for the whole network, takes about 4-5 min to settle down), it was nice to have an indication when everything was loaded and ready for me to start using the computer. Any type of information you need i will be happy to provide, i seriously miss your little gadget ! Thanx in advance, hope you can help me, i found nothing out there that even comes close to your program.

    oh yea… Win7 64 bit, kinda stretched for administration purposes.

  2. Alfa Post author

    My dear Gary,

    There is a way to enable an EOP application log file. It is sufficient to create a folder named “log” in the same folder as the .jar file. Once the program is run and terminated, you will find a file describing all the application’s operations.

    You can use this trick with the subx.jar file as well as with the setup application and read the log file to find the problem.

    However, the setup application performs the following operations:
    - installs files in a folder named “EOPStartupBar” (should be in Programs folder, it depends) to make the startup bar work;
    - copies itself in a folder named “EOPStartupBarSetup” (should be in Common Files folder, it depends) to handle app configuration and uninstallation;
    - registers itself as an installed application, as well as an application to be launched on startup in Windows Registry.

    So, by removing the folders and the registry keys manually, you could restore system’s state to the original uninstalled one.



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