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Startup Bar 1.0 beta

We can say that Startup Bar 1.0 beta is a reality: our product is at the beta version of its 1.0 release.

It is currently tested on more that one hundred personal computers with various Windows versions. It will be available by the end of the current month: we are just a few steps away from this outstanding milestone!

Meanwhile, another project is under a very deep and long test. It’s a simple whistle recognizer library that will really work on every OS: and it’s written, of course, in Java.

Natural Extreme Programming

radzzzI feel more and more amazed at how much extreme programming is used today, as it has always been a natural thing for me.

There are lots of posts in the old blog about this, but they’re urging me to learn new technologies, frameworks and tools. Maybe it’s just the experience that is coming?

Nope. I’m just waiting to know what I need to know to get my job outside Italy.

In the meantime, I’m working on the next project: easy whistle recognition! After 4 days of desperate work I started reading some papers on the web and I noticed I was already correctly following several complex steps I had never read before: Extreme Programming is my natural and sure solution to these problems!

Startup Bar

SSSUBProgStartup Bar is an operating system’s startup process monitoring application realized by means of a fuzzy digital controller.

Startup Bar project is finished and released!

It indicates when the system’s startup process has finished and it is therefore possible to use the system at its maximum power. The startup completion percent is estimated live and its accuracy increases over time.

The application is fully customizable and features the English and Italian languages.

The Droid

the droidThe Droid is a desktop application which allows the user to listen to her/his favourite news feed and supports several voices in English (US & UK), German and Italian.

This project is finished and released !

List of available voices:

  • Obadiah, English Male
  • Prudence, English Female
  • Spike, English Male
  • Poppy, English Female
  • Pavoque, German Male
  • Bits3, German Male
  • Obadiah Hsmm, English Male
  • Prudence Hsmm, English Female
  • Spike Hsmm, English Male
  • Poppy Hsmm, English Female
  • Cmu-Slt Hsmm, American English Female
  • Cmu-Rms Hsmm, American English Male
  • Cmu-Bdl Hsmm, American English Male
  • Pavoque Hsmm, German Male
  • Bits3 Hsmm, German Male
  • Bits1 Hsmm, German Female
  • Lucia Hsmm, Italian Female

People Search Engine

people search engineThe Eyes On People People Search Engine lets you search people over the Internet.

It performs searches on search engines selecting the pages that could refer to a subject on the network by analyzing the content and comparing it with collections of indexed data. Starting from these informations, the rest of the data is generated by crossing records according to statistical criteria and their relationships.

This project is finished but it’s still private.

Simple Remote Desktop

simple remote desktopSimple Remote Desktop is a simple VNC system able to bypass every network firewall (e.g. routers), by means of which the users can control remote hosts without modifying their Internet configuration.

It makes use of an innovative and robust network protocol.

This project is still a prototype.

EOP Website Online

MyBallThe EOP Website is finally online.

As you can see, I was really far from the domain name, but it came to me indeed.

If machines thought, they might become somewhat near to what many people call a god. Like a big brother, their eyes will be everywhere watching for people to do “the right thing” every time.. In the best hypothesis. And this simple idea gave the name to an old project, but it is much more right now.

It is just a prototype for a much larger system.

Now I just need to write the contents.. Like this one. Finally, I have some time to invest in my dreams again. Once somebody said that you deserve an answer only if you believe in it…

Now I am myself again.