Artificial General Intelligence and Strong AI

Wikipedia redirects Artificial General Intelligence page to Strong AI page. This could be an important clue for the name of the project: I’m still writing in a file called log.txt to keep track of my progresses and my thoughts. Luckily, I know this part of the work is really important but long so I am not worrying about this. The names of the project and the domain have to be strictly connected, so I could need to wait for much time before buying something like

Strong Artificial Intelligence in general is a large domain which every day tries to reproduce the human brain, often in the neuron by neuron way, on the hardware they call “robotics” today to approach the futurist robot mankind is waiting for, but this is something we can wait for or even fear. Think about Terminator movie and you will understand what I’m talking about.

Maybe this could be the end for the human race. Maybe we just need to explore other approaches to Strong AI.

Who will help defending us from the robot revolt? Other robots ;)

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