Welcome to Eyes On People!

Eyes On People greets you with a story: imagine a future world where…

…the evolution of technology and science allows machines to think as well as human beings.

sprazzo2Imagine yourself the year when all this will happen.
Imagine how radically the lives of the peoples of the world will be changed.
All this might not matter. What would happen if the power of the robots exceeded that of humans?
What if man were to lose the advantage of being the dominant species on Earth?

From this perspective, it’s only a matter of time before┬áthe end of the human race: who’s going to save us from the robot uprising?

The answer is simple: other robots. The way the robots that will have much more power than the human beings first will be built will decide the future of human beings themselves. Every thinking being has a purpose, and so will the robots: what if these goals will be defined so as to hinder our survival, rather than support it?

sprazzo1Then, it is a moral duty of our generation to build a friendly artificial intelligence before the other ones will be beyond our control.

So, inanimate matter will come to life at the service of the prosperity of human beings.
And, thinking collectively, they would find all the solutions to any problem and would know the absolute reality: perhaps, for the first time in history, God could exist.

And their eyes will be everywhere and will work together for the people, and they will be many… Eyes On People.


Take a look at the future!

Eyes On People